Latvian Section of ISCM Announces an International Competition for Girls`Choir Compositions

International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) will mark its centenary in 2022. Four local sections of ISCM representing Switzerland, Basque Country, Estonia and Latvia, organize a creative work competition in each respective country. Each member country elaborates its competition
regulations and approves the jury. The international competition for girls’ choir compositions is organized by the Latvian Composers Union, Latvian Section of ISCM.

ISCM Latvia invites the composers to submit their works for internationally recognized Riga Cathedral Girls’ Choir Tiara, led by the artistic manager and conductor Aira Birziņa. The awarded works will be performed in the concert – live event in November 2022 in the studio of Latvian Radio.

The competition aims at promoting the composers from all over the world to create original compositions for the girls’ choir, to learn the specifics of choir notation and to expand the repertoire of the choir music in general.

1. Competition regulations
1.1 The composers of any age and nationality may participate in the competition; a maximum submission of two compositions per composer is allowed.
1.2 The submitted original compositions may not be previously performed, published, awarded, submitted to other competitions; they must be free of any liabilities, including those with publishing houses.
1.3 Members of the jury or their relatives may not participate in the competition.

2. Guidelines
2.1 Only four-part compositions (SSAA, voice divisi is allowed in individual places) for girls’ choir a capella with suitable vocal range can be submitted to the competition.
S1 d¹-b² (D4-B5)
S2 c¹-g² (C4-G5)
A1 g-e² (G3-E5)
A2 f-d² (F3-D5)
approximate timing -2’30 to 4 minutes.

More information about the Riga Cathedral Girls’ Choir Tiara, http://www.rdks.lv/en/par-skolu/kori/meitenu-koris/

2.2 The content and topic of the composition is the author’s free choice.

2.3 The composition must be composed for lyrics in Latin, English or Latvian. If the lyrics are copyright-protected, a written permission from the author or publisher is mandatory.

3. Submission.
3.1 The composition score must be written in one of music notation software (Sibelius, Finale or similar) and submitted in PDF format.
3.2 Audio demo version in MP3 format of the composition must be enclosed.
3.3 PDF and MP3 files must contain the following data:
name_surname_title.pdf name_surname_title.mp3
3.4 A filled out application form, printed, signed and scanned with legible text, and bank statement evidencing payment of the participation fee must be enclosed and sent along with the composition.
3.5 Participation fee 20 EUR for each submitted composition must be transferred to the account of the Latvian Composers Union.
Latvian Composers Union
Address: Baznicas iela 37 – 3, Riga LV – 1010, Latvia
Reg. No.: LV 40008004833
Phone: +371 20176304
E-mail: komponisti.lv@gmail.com
Account: AS Swedbank – LV42HABA0551001703842, SWIFT: HABALV2X,
with note name, surname, ISCM Latvia Choir Competition

4. Terms and course of the competition.
4.1 Send your score in PDF, MP3 demo, application form and bank statement evidencing the payment to iscm.latvia@gmail.com until 10 January 2022.
4.2 Finalists of the competition will be announced in March 2022.
4.3 Competition finale – concert and award ceremony will take place in the concert of Riga Cathedral Girls’ Choir Tiara, studio of the Latvian Radio 1, Riga, Doma Square 8 in November 2022. Organizers of the competition are entitled to record and shoot the competition finale.

5. Jury.
5.1 Jury: conductor Aira Birziņa https://www.jvlma.lv/akademija/personals/aira-birzina, composer
Uģis Prauliņš http://ugispraulins.blogspot.com/, composer Ēriks Ešenvalds
5.2 The jury is entitled not to grant certain awards, and the jury’s decision is final and indisputable.
5.3 Prizes: place I – 500 EUR, place II – 300 EUR, place III – 200 EUR
Competition coordinator, Head of ISCM Latvia, Anna Veismane iscm.latvia@gmail.com, annaveismane@hotmail.com

Download the Competition Regulations and Application form here: