Latvija was confirmed as a memberstate of the ISCM on November 11, 2004 in Bern, capital city of Switzerland, and first started to participate in ISCM General Assemblies in 2006 with its own delegation (Ligita Ašme, Zane Prēdele, Indra Riše). The Latvian ISCM section leader was composer Uģis Prauliņš.

The first Latvian music represented in 2007, at the ISCM „World Music days“ held in Hong Kong, was the work “Solitude” by Andris Dzenītis, but Indra Riše was a delegate at the General Assembly and was a member of the international jury which evaluates young composer’s (til 30 years of age) works.

In the 2008 “World Music Days” festival organized by the ISCM in Vilnius Latvian music was already represented by two Latvian authors – Santa Ratniece with her a cappella choral work “Saline”, and Janis Petraškēvičs with the work “Arktos” for 7 instruments. Composer Andris Dzenītis joined the composers’ discussion. Since the Spring of 2008, Latvia’s ISCM section leader is composer Indra Riše, she represented Latvia at the ISCM General Assembly in Vilnius.

In turn, Latvia was represented in Sweden in the 2009 festival in September by Anitra Tumševica’s “Klusuma mirdzums” [The Shine of Silence] for brass band, Indra Riše’s “Vējš, zeme un smaržas” [Wind, Earth and Scents]for string orchestra and a piece for organ “Uguns rituāls” [Fire Ritual].